The nursery consultants are wrong!

Back in June we discussed Genie's bitter experience at her local garden center. She wrote a number of posts on her visit. I wrote that if I were the owner of the nursery in question I would be reading her post. The problem for the garden center owners is they probably don't even know this conversation is going on. We are only at the beginning of this "blog revolution" that will change the gardening world. If you don't "get online", you'll miss out. A few weeks later I was interviewed by a nursery trade publication, that read the post. They had some questions about whether the nursery trade should be interested in blogs. According to them, the consensus amongst most nursery consultants was there is no relevance, and no reason for nurseries to be interested in blogging, or bloggers.

Well I decided to test my theory that everything has changed, and the nursery consultants are a sleep at the wheel. So I Googled the name of the garden center that Genie had her experience at. Guess what? Her post is the third entry that comes up right after the garden centers own web page! Now you can read about the garden center and a dissatisfied customers experience at the same time.

Yup, garden blogs have no relevance to garden centers!