Does this hurt or help the brand?

Drove down to a small grower the other day. This grower makes use of used cans for his nursery stock. Walking to a bed of Spirea all planted in black cans, a few we're planted in used Monrovia Nurseries distinctive branded green cans. You know the ones, with Monrovia's monrovia-pots.jpgname printed proudly on the side. Does the re-use of branded containers, Proven Winners, Flower Carpet, etc., help or hinder the brand? What does it mean when the customer sees these branded containers with plants that are not from the nursery branded on the side?  I wonder whether this was something the companies branding these plants thought about?

This is a big deal. Lot's of money has been spent building the brand, and printing the name on the side of the containers. I love that we reuse nursery pots! I wonder what the customer thinks, or do they even care?