Commenting on comments.

Great post at This Garden Is Illegal about leaving comments. She lists some of the reasons she has not commented before. Being relatively new to blogging it was an interesting read for me. I have to admit not having commented enough on other people’s blogs, even if it’s just to say, “Great post”.

I write because it allows me an avenue to express myself. Comments are welcome, but not necessary. That being said, I think most bloggers are pleased when people take the time to comment. It’s nice to know that people are looking, and being moved to leave a comment, good or bad.

As I wrote in Hannah’s comment section “I sometimes don’t comment because of the opposite of # 2. I don’t want to be a busy body nurseryperson. Bloggers are having fun talking to one another, and the last thing needed is an ‘expert’ jumping in with his solution. That being said, occasionally I do see a post where people are asking for advice. So I submit it, and everything is fine. Just like at the nursery when we offer advice somtimes we never hear back from the customer how things worked out. The solution was made, and they move on to the next project. After all that’s our business. When people do come back and say the advice was helpful, it is a real pleasure to know you helped. It’s the same thing with blogs. The vast majority of the time bloggers do answer back, but every so often they don’t. Could be they are to busy, or any number of reasons.

Most bloggers enjoy it when people comment on past posts. Sometimes I get a comment on something I posted earlier, and it’s nice to know someone went through the archives and found something worth commenting on.

Now that I have read Hannah’s post, and the comments she received, I plan on commenting more, even if it’s just a quick “found your post interesting”.