Air mailed plants, the sequel.

Here are the plants being packaged up for their helicopter ride to the high country ( see post below). They will have to close the lids of the boxes, so the plants will have to be stacked inside the boxes.

I thought at first this was for a photo shoot for the Jeepers Jamboree. Turns out it’s for the ad campaign of Jeeps new 2007 JK Wrangler. They have three helicopters bringing supplies from Tahoe and Georgetown. It’s a major production! Somewhere in this whole production the flowers will go.

They film movies and ads in this area on a somewhat regular basis. It’s usually because of the natural beauty, Sierras, rivers, or the history, with the old gold rush towns here.

There they go! Maybe we will see the flowers in a television commercial, or in a magazine. I’ll keep my eyes peeled. As for the fate of the flowers, we can only hope that someone involved in this production will remember that they need a little attention.