First tomato and air mailed plants.

We finally picked our first tomato! I was a bit disappointed how late the tomatoes we’re coming, until I read that May Dreams Gardens was just starting to harvest her tomatoes. So I don’t feel too bad, and it’s the price we pay for living in the mountains. It’s an 'Early Girl'. We also have planted Lemon Boy, Isis Candy, and Tangerine. They are planted in the raised bed we made at one of our workshops, way back in April. Workshop. The harvester is my grand-daughter Savannah.
She ate the tomato.

Yesterday we had an interesting request. We are just five miles from Georgetown, which is the starting point for the Jeepers Jamboree. This event has been going on for fifty years plus, and is considered the “granddaddy" of all off-road events. They start in Georgetown and drive the “back way” all the way to Lake Tahoe!

There is going to be a photo shoot at the Rubicon Springs Campground, and we were contacted to supply plants and containers to the site to dress it up. No way to drive the plants there,
so they are going to fly the plants in via helicopter! These will be our first “air mailed plants”.

Monica picked out two cartloads of flowers to fill the containers.

They will fly the plants, containers, and potting soil in, and plant them there. If I can get some pictures of the photo shoot, I will post them.