Martha Stewart moves to Home Depot

No doubt you have heard that Martha Stewart is leaving K-Mart and heading over to Home Depot. According  to Home Channel News, Home Depot will start "carrying Martha Stewart Living products early next year in an exclusive deal announced on Sept. 14. The three product categories -- outdoor living, home organization and home decor -- will involve collaborations between Martha Stewart designers and Home Depot merchants 'that allow customers to easily coordinate decor and design elements when taking on home improvement projects,' according to the joint announcement." I would think that his just about seals the fate of K-Mart. Our local K-mart has gone down hill since Wall-Mart and Home Depot moved in.  As for Home Depot, this has got to help them become even more of the one stop home improvement shop. I know some people think Martha's stuff has much to be desired, but for the gang that likes to shop The Depot, this will be just right.

Having Martha is Home Depot's way to compete with Lowe's, which tends to get higher marks from female customers. Martha will lend a more feminine touch to The Depot. It will be interesting to see if, and how Lowe's responds. Who can they hire to compete with Martha?