Gordon Onslow Ford

Gordon Onslow Ford was born on this day, December 26, 1912, in Wendover, UK. One of the last of the surrealist painters from the 1930's, his artwork expresses his ideas concerning with the inner world of the mind. According to Ford, "the primary purpose of life is to achieve a growth of consciousness. It follows that the principle aim of art is to see the world anew." 

Ford's work is of a type that is quickly recognized by those who have taken these interior journeys of the mind. The piece pictured, "Without Bounds" speaks to this with flowing, vivid colors, and geometric boundaries placed within. 

Gordon Onslow Ford Without Bounds 1939

Gordon Onslow Ford
Without Bounds

Ford eventually moved to northern California in 1947 where he, artist Jean Varda, and architect Forest Wright bought the old ferry "Vallejo" docked in Sausalito. It was restored by the three and it soon became the salon of choice for the Bay Area art scene. It was Ford's share of this boat that Philosopher Alan Watts and poet Elsa Gidlow eventually bought for The Society For Comparative Philosophy ( 1962- 1984). It was here that the gathering known as the "Houseboat Summit" took place which featured Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsburg, Gary Snyder and Alan Watts discussing LSD, and other life style issues. This famous discussion can be found in the counterculture magazine the San Francisco Oracle. 


More information on Ford can be found at his website: onslowford.com