The nursery industry and blogging.

A nursery trade publication contacted me about the relevance of blogs to nurseries and garden centers. They had been researching the subject, and happened across my earlier post "Plant Trafficker". They had some questions about whether the nursery trade should be interested in blogs. According to them, the consensus amongst most nursery consultants was there is no relevance, and no reason for nurseries to be interested in blogging, or bloggers.

The good news is that the magazine is interested and took the time to check out some blogs. I receive this magazine and will let you know how it comes out.

The bad news is that the very nursery consultants that tell us gardening is changing, that there are not enough new gardeners emerging from generation x,y,and z, and that we had better change too, if we are to survive, are so unaware of the importance of blogging on our culture.

Genie has a post about an unfortunate incident she had with United Airlines. Imagine if she was so upset that she started a blog called “why I dislike United”, and invited others to post their own unfortunate incidents with United Airlines. Shouldn’t the airline be concerned about the fact that when you Goggle their name this web site might come up?

I am not suggesting that garden centers or related industries start monitoring blogs for negative press, but instead engage the gardening public using the medium. I realize most garden centers have a hard enough time keeping up with everything there is to do. I most likely spend way too much time blogging, but I enjoy it, and why not do what you enjoy?