Spring so far

Wanted to take a quick look at spring '09 so far. Here are some of the key things that have caught my attention. 1. Business is good, if your market is the homeowner.

2. Especially here in California, business is not so good in the landscape trades.  I am no longer envious of the nurseries that focused on servicing landscapers.

3. It's all about the weather, and here in northern California we are looking at great weather for the next week at least.

4. Vegetables rule!

5. 4" size perennials in the 3.99 and 4.99 price range are also popular.

6. Trees and shrub sales are lagging, but still doing o.k.

7. Organic fertilizers and pesticides are a hit. Our foray into hydoponics was a great move and is becoming a very poplular part of our store.  Why didn't we do this earlier?

That's it. There is actually more but it's Saturday, sunny with a high of 75 predicted, and we are staring at our busiest two weeks of the year comming up, so I am off.

Never before, that I can remember has the independent, locally owned garden center had so much going for it. It seems like all the trends right now are good for our business. Never the less, it's time to make hay while the sun shines. No time to sit around.

Have a fantastic weekend!