The future has arrived!

I read this story through Open Register. Husqvarna, maker of power tools released a trend report concerning the evolution of lawn care in the 21st century. After talking with 1000 homeowners about their vision of the yard they discovered that, "38% of the 1,000 U.S. homeowners surveyed suggested one that is entirely self-maintaining." Here is the disconnect, "Twenty-three percent want to grown their own food". So we have homeowners that want a yard that is "self-maintaining" yet "want to grow their own food." These seemingly contradictory goals show how little people understand what's involved in vegetable and fruit growing.  Yet the report offers some good news for those of us in the garden businesses. It also states that, " The economy has played a major role in changing gardening behaviors and will play a key role in shaping the future. The emerging ‘make do and mend’ attitude has been caused by looming credit worries, lack of consumer confidence, rising food prices and limited personal spending has increased the need and desire to become self sufficient."

Here is the finding that I can get behind, and really we all should have been behind years ago. They say, "yard becomes a source of food, shelter and relief." I switch out "yard" and put in "home', but the results are the same. How long did I hear that we should make our houses homes instead of investments to be flipped every two years or so? This is what's driving  the current interest in gardening, at least here in California. Who can even think of selling their home at this time? Most people are backwards on their loans, so why not feather the nest? At least you can create a refuge from the crazy world right in your own garden. People concerned with the environment, and feeling helpless can make a difference by changing their own environment. I hope the younger generations are starting to realize this. Changing the world starts in your own space. From that will grow a change in other peoples attitudes.  Be the example in the neighborhood, and show others how to do it.

As discouraging as the economy and outside events can seem, it would appear that a golden age of gardening is upon us. How ironic that the popularization of gardening we all want to see is accompanied by such dismal economics. Could it actually be that gardening will lead us out of the current state of affairs? A new attitude of self-sufficiency, and hard work at the home front is exactly what this country needs. Forget about big government and it's lame attempts to straighten things out. We need to get back to the garden and make our sterile neighborhoods come to life again! Who should be leading this return to the garden but the locally owned garden center? It's a golden opportunity for those of us in this business. I see growth potential for small, neighborhood nurseries that become the trusted source of all things outdoors. Small, and locally owned is where it's at!