The hidden costs of doing business

Why is it that seed companies, or at least the seed company I want to do business with, require that you purchase the seed rack? You know, the metal spinner that holds the seed packs. If I don't have to buy the rack then they require that I pay the freight to get the rack to my store. Why is it that I have to pay to have a seed company take up space in my store? It's their seed we will be selling. It valuable retail space that will be advertising their product. We will be sending them money on a regular basis. Shouldn't they be excited that we want to sell their seed?

The seed company is a good, family run company that we want to see succeed. It's just that we won't be carrying their seed because we don't want to pay the freight fee. What a shame. We would be selling their seeds for years, helping build their brand. I would think they would be excited to send us a rack to display their seed.

I know that paying for the rack, or freight to get it has always fallen to the retail store to deal with.  Why?