Yesterday can seem like today

I had a good laugh when I read the comment from Mr. Brown Thumb at my last post. So what I think is new news, is almost ten year old news. Proven Winners has been selling in box stores since 2005. This proves a couple of points. One, I don't get into the box stores enough to see what's going on. Two, the internet never forgets. I didn't bother to see the date the post was created, or when the comments we're made.  Doh!

If someone like myself can make this mistake, others can to. What is old news, can be new news depending on who views it. So a customer researching brands, and business can read what people have said years ago. It may or may not color their buying decision. What you write on the net, stays on the net forever. So a decision made nine years ago is still fresh to someone like myself.

Did I manage to make a mistake on my part sound like a lesson on the internet? Likely not, but it was worth the try. Thanks to Mr. Brown Thumb for pointing it out. And thanks to Sid for making the argument that while it was old news it is still a valuable lesson. I wonder now that we are nine years past that decision, if Proven Winners is still happy they made the decision to work with the boxes?