Amy Stewart Interviews Me

I just received my copy of "Garden Chic, Inspired Retailing for Independents". Amy Stewart interviewed me for an article on selling organics in the nursery. That article can be found here. Both articles are PDF files. I was surprised to see this months magazine also had another of Amy's articles we did on selling IPM (Integrated Pest Management). That article can be found here. I thought we talked enough for one article, but Amy found out when you get me talking on a slow day, you just can't shut me up. I hope my experiences can help when it comes to selling organics and IPM at your nursery or garden center. I realize now that when it comes to garden centers, much of the country does not have the experience selling these concepts. These methods are here to stay and will be growing, so you will want to gear your garden center towards embracing these ideas. It will pay off.