Over 220 members, and growing.

In the past the only way to meet your fellow nursery people was through the local chapter of the association of nurserymen. We have the California Association of Nurserymen, or now called "California Association of Nurseries and Garden Centers.There is our local chapter "Superior",  that puts on monthly meetings. Oh, and there is also the trade shows where you can meet vendors and other nurserypeople. These are great if you can get to them. I can't always get to the meetings. One, because of the distance involved. We are in the foothills, and the meetings are almost always an hour drive away. The trade shows are the same, although I think in my case it's just laziness that keeps me from attending. That's why I love the Internet. Yes, I know it's no excuse for actually "pressing the flesh" (sounds awful, but isn't). It's just the way it is, and besides when would I have ever met 5% of the people I "know" on the web.

The problem with the web now is there is to much information. Almost everything you might want to know is out there, it's just hard to wade through all the other stuff to find what you are looking for. If your interested in garden centers or nurseries there are now lot's of  nurserypeople blogging, and all sorts of forums and groups available. Access to the wealth of information available is possible, if you know where to look.

One place I would recommend visiting is Garden Centers, Nurseries, and New Media. This group is located at LinkedIn, the social utility. What I am amazed at is how quickly our group has grown. We now have over 220 members! Not just horticulturalist. That's what's exciting, seeing how various occupations can be integrated into the garden center world. Our latest member is involved in media. She is a "Video Producer with five years of multimedia production experience. Interested in providing cost-efficient, quality media to clients." Ah, ah! There is someone you might not meet at the trade show, yet could be invaluable to your business ideas concerning multi-media.

This "mashup" of talent is what get's me excited. Trade shows and trade meetings are just that, about the trade. What about outside of our trade? How can an nursery person in Belgium connect with a garden media personality in Los Angeles? What might come from such a meeting? Perhaps the next big idea! Maybe just a small idea that changes your world.

If your interested in joining check out this link. You'll have to join LinkedIn, but it's painless.