Another take on Smith and Hawken

It's good to hear from people who work at the companies we talk about. The last post about Smith and Hawken elicited a response from Drake in PA. This is great, as I am only one person with a opinion. Sometimes I don't see the whole picture and it's always good to get another opinion. One area that Drake in PA had a different take on was customer service. Drake in PA a say's, "I’m also intrigued by what you refer to as a 'lack of customer service' leading to our demise. We have one of the highest customer service ratings in the industry." I don't know what rating service Drake in PA is talking about. If I was a potential customer of Smith and Hawken and Google Smith and Hawken on the first page at the bottom is Dave's Garden, with the Scoop on Smith and Hawken.  The feedback on the company shows, 11 positives, 5 neutrals, and 13 negative reviews. I am not going to repeat the reviews here, except to say if I was a potential customer I would have second thoughts after reading these reviews.

Dave's Garden is just one rating service, but it is a popular one. As a potential customer it's great to be able to read what others have said about a company. Each review must be looked at in the context of that particular moment, and that persons mood. Never the less, a larger number of people have had a negative experience.

This is the problem with working at large corporations. The people  at Smith and Hawken, like Drake in PA are excited about what they do, and hope to grow the company. Meanwhile the company that owns the brand, Scotts/Miracle Gro wants to sell. They say it's a drag on earnings. What a drag for the brand. Enthusiastic employees. Not so enthusiastic owners. Hard to get any traction.

Stay excited, Drake in PA. Perhaps you are right, and the company will continue. Maybe with owners that want to grow the brand, rather than sell it.