Bordier's Nursery Files Chapter 11

According to Irvine, CA based Bordier's Nursery filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on December 23. With over 600 employees and $27,000,000 in sales it was a California staple, until now. Bordier's is a family owned company that's been in the nursery business since 1922. I came about this news because this blog had been showing up under searches for "Bordier's Bankruptcy". The only information I could find was the above web page. Bordier's also own's The Pinery Tree Farms which claimed to be the largest producer of Living Christmas Trees around. They produced all those sheared Christmas Rosemary and other trees you see at Home Depot and Lowe's. We did business along time ago with Bordier's when we had The Happy Frog Garden Center in Auburn. They seemed to be involved more and more with the chains, although I do know of independents that had done business with them.

Since information is scarce, if you can add to what we know it would be helpful.