Bare root arrives today

blueray2.jpgWe are having our bare root fruit trees arrive today. This is earlier than we have ever brought them in before. We get our trees from Dave Wilson Nursery, in Hickman CA. Bare root is one of those seasons that reminds one just how many years we have been doing this. While unloading and healing in the fruit trees is hard work it means that we have something timely to sell. We figured that if we brought them in early this year we might get a few early sales. All of our trees are semi-dwarf types. We don't even carry standard trees anymore. Even the growers at Apple Hill use semi-dwarf trees. They can be kept smaller, and produce fruit earlier than standard trees. We will see if this year fruit sales are as good as vegetable sales last spring. With the interest in growing your own fruit and vegetables, semi-dwarf fruit trees should be popular.