Nurseryman's Weekend in SF

Monica and I headed down to San Francisco for her birthday. We spent the night at The Hyatt at the Embarcedero. The first picture is the view from the room. img_0959.JPGSince we are from the area we more or less did some stuff that we haven't done before.


We went through Golden Gate Park and happened upon something I didn't know existed, The Anglers Cabin, built in the 1930's. What was cool we're the casting ponds, considered some of the best in the world. There was a guy casting, and the setting, hidden amongst the trees was surreal.


img_0966.JPGWe visited the "Victory Garden" in front of City Hall. I took a picture of the tomato plot. They haven't harvested one tomato yet. No surprise there, as growing tomato in "The City" just doesn't work. Too cool all year. They had great crops of leafy vegetables, as well as squash.  The whole thing will be taken down in November. While the garden looked great and the people working it friendly I still think it should have been done where it could be left to grow year after year.  Good idea, but keep it away from politicians, which means don't do it at City Hall on concrete.


 The second to last picture is Monica at The Queen Wilhelmina Garden by the windmill at Golden Gate Park. Those are foxgloves which tower over Monica.



The last picture was just some older police motorcycles in front of a store called "Old Vogue"  It's located near Columbus Ave.

We had a great time!