How small garden centers can survive the downturn.

img_0879.JPG Wanted to thank Jodie of Glenwild Garden Center in northern New Jersey for the tee shirt. Monica is now a "Glenwilder Gardener". Jodie has commented here at this blog before. This is great as we had sent Jodie a shirt from our store and the same person, Jodie's childhood friend delivered the shirt. The interesting thing here is that through this medium of the internet we are making connections as real as if we we're meeting in flesh. Thanks Jodie.

Meanwhile over at Fishing for Customers blog Chuck has a post called "Bad news for business owners" That got my attention. He list 7 things business like Jodie's and mine can do to make it through this slowdown, and let me tell you out here in California it's real slow. Here are the areas he focuses on,

1.Concentrate on business and customer service. 2.Cherish your existing customers. 3.Accelerate your advertising and PR. 4.Adjust your staffing. 5.Lower your profit margins. 6.Speed up cash flow. 7.Cut overhead.

He is going to discuss each one over the next week, so if your interested head on over to Chucks Blog. I thought we could go over these things here, and discuss how we here at the Golden Gecko have already implemented most of these ideas. Right now though I have to take care of #1, and that's great customer service, which I won't providing if I sit here any longer.