The lifetime guarantee

Do you offer a guarantee? One year, two years, etc. Does the customer have to meet certain criteria to avail themselves of the discount? "Use our plating mix and starter food to receive a guarantee." Or 100% 6 months, 50% one year, etc.

What if you offered a lifetime guarantee. Not the life of the plants, but the life of the customer! Yes, if you are a customer of ours then you have a lifetime guarantee with us. Think about it, that certainly would beat the competition. Who else offers it!

Now I know all the reason's why you think this wouldn't work. People digging up plants after a couple of years, bringing them in, and wanting to change them out. Is that really going to happen? After all isn't our goal a satisfied customer that will return year after year?

What about someone who takes advantage of this offer over and over again and never seems satisfied? I would think after a honest attempt to satisfy this type of customer it would be appropriate to ask them not so shop at your store. Then they won't be a customer, and you can drop the deal. Why do we have to accept the 1% of 1% of customers who are a pain? After 4 years being in business there are only two customers that we may ask not to shop with us because they are a pain. Always returning things and generally being unpleasant.

The rest of my customers we want for life, and why not make them a offer they can't refuse. It will calm some of the fears they have knowing we are there to back them up.

Do you know anyone that offers a lifetime guarantee in the garden center business?