Fertilizer sales great in a less than stellar year.

first-videos-003.JPGFertilizer sales for us this year have been huge. We have never sold so much including specialty fertilizers like bat guano, alfalfa meal, bone meal, blood meal, etc. In a year where shrub and tree sales seem flat it's good to see interest in maintaining the plants so high. I would have to guess it's because of all the interest in growing your own food. 80% of our fertilizers are all organic so that has been a plus. Easy to promote. 037.JPG We are expanding the fertilizer section to include more of the specialty fertilizers that we seem to be asked for. In addition the soil amendment sales have been great too. We have sold more full pallets to individual's than ever before, especially the Foxfarm Ocean Forest.

It what has been an underwhelming year overall the fertilizers and potting soils have been very bright. Big ideas for this next year.