Quit trying so hard

Swiss gardening. This photo of community gardening in Switzerland was taken by Yann Athus-Bertrand. It is of Allotments in the Avanchets estate, Geneva, Suisse (46°12’N, 6°09’E). What a marvelous display of community gardening. This ability to share across borders and languages will continue to shape and change horticulture. 

At times we can find ourselves stuck in an echo chamber based around our shared trade. We talk to, and hear from others in the trade. We use the various social media platforms to "sell" stuff, rather than to learn and enjoy. I believe conversation, and the sharing of ideas is the new advertising. It's not advertising in the traditional sense, which is good, since the traditional way of promoting products and services is dying.

Rather than advertising the new way is to be "out there" enjoying and sharing stuff we love. Have a interest in history? Join some history groups on Google +, or Facebook. Want to broaden your interests from horticulture to the larger world of science? There are people doing stuff there that will blow your mind. Interestingly, it's outside our traditional area of expertise that many great ideas can be found that ultimately will benefit us.  Do it without the intent to build your business, or brand. People are developing an aversion to the "sales pitch" anyway. Conversations and sharing are the way forward for business.