Love this new Heucherella ‘Sunspot’. It has elect…

Love this new Heucherella 'Sunspot'. It has electric yellow leaves with blood-red center patches. It hasn't bloomed here yet but will have spikes of small, brilliant rich pink flowers above the foliage, like a sea of foam creating a stunning color combination.

The heucherella's are crosses of coral bell and tiarella's. These crosses, as well as the coral bells are becoming one of our biggest sellers in the perennial world. It's no wonder, since I can remember when coral bells was green leaf with red flowers, and that was it. Now with these new varieties you get colorful leaves that in many ways out do the flowers these plants produce. They are great in containers or flower beds and don't need as much fussing as plants that require you to constantly groom the flowers.

This new "Sunspot" Heucherella would look great with Japanese Blood Grass (Imperata) or any dark foliaged perennial. They do best here in filtered sun, as the hot late afternoon sun can bun the leaves. They are a herbaceous perennial, which means they die down in the winter, but return in the spring. They are very cold hardy and can be grown as high up as Lake Tahoe.