I am a nursery customer

062.JPGSome posts just keep on giving. My post about Hines Nurseries being de-listed at the stock exchange was written on August of 2007. I just received a comment from Texastim, who apparently works at Hines. His comment is mostly directed at other commenter's who might have worked at Hines in the past. What I found interesting is that it took someone at Hines this long to speak up. If you Google Hines Nurseries my blog post comes up right after Hines nurseries own web site.

His comment concludes with “hines is still going strong so someone was wrong. you people that have left hines need to quit being angry and actually reasearch more than one site before talking.”

The problem is there are no other sites to research, other than business sites that just list company info. There is no Hines blog where they can explain their side of the story. I get people searching for hines nursery blog and they end up at my site.

Does Hines have to blog? No. Should they have a blog? Yes, if they want to get their side of the story out. Do they need to get their side of the story out? After all I am just one potential customer with a blog and they are a multi-million dollar company.

Welcome to the new world. Ignore just one potential customer (in this case me) and the next thing you know they are writing about your business. Try Googling Home Depot tomatoes and see what comes up. The only reason I knew my site was coming up was people have used the search, home depot tomatoes in the past and ended up here.

I appreciate Texastim taking the time to address his concerns about my post and some of the comments. Companies will have to do more of this in the future. I find this great news. It allows the customer to have a say, good and bad about their experiences. If the company has done everything they can to address the customers concerns, then they will have nothing to fear from this new media. Instead use this media to express what the company stands for beyond a corporate web page. Let's hear from more businesses!

Whats with the tree in the picture? Its an "Arkansas Black" Apple growing in my yard. I planted it about twenty years ago. Just thought it looked cool.