Ignore the trends and do what you love

Dog on beachAs the pace of change increases it often becomes difficult to "keep up". So much has changed in the gardening businesses that even veterans of the trade are having a hard time adjusting. I believe the key is to enjoy what you do right now. That's really the only way to stay sane in today's world. Milton Glaser is a 83 year old graphic designer most famous for the "I (Heart) NY" logo. Two things stood out for me in this article at coolhunting.com.  The first is about not following the trends.  He say's, "I don't follow any designers, it's not my character. I mean there are a lot of young, good practitioners. I actually should be more conscious of what's going on in the field but I've never used the field as my resource, I use history—and an awful lot of history I still don't understand".

The second concerns loving what you do, and ignoring the pace of change. "If you spend your life doing what you love, the speed at which the world goes on and changes around you is irrelevant."

Great advice. Ignore trends, and do what you love.