The Future of Horticulture

I was asked if their was much of a future in horticulture. They we're interested in whether to pursue it as a career. This is what I wrote back.

The future of horticulture is the future of man. They cannot be separated and as such horticulture will become even more important to our lives in the future. The future for the horticultural sciences has never been brighter. Like many subjects the field is changing rapidly and what worked in the past sometimes does not work in the present. Many of the traditional connections that people made with horticulture are changing. To be successful as an entrepreneur of the horticultural field requires the ability to change quickly as your market changes. No longer is their a set path for anyone to follow.

A whole new generation of gardeners needs education, the tools, and the inspiration to take us further into the 21st century. The possibilities for producing food closer to those who need it, as well as food safety  will open whole new areas for urban horticulture, hydroponics, pomology, herbology, etc. As more people discover the benefits of plants new ways to utilize them will need to be developed. Miniature gardening, vertical gardening, water gardening, locally supplied flower gardening, and more.

I have never been more optimistic in the power of horticulture to change the world for the better. Many of the traditional players in horticulture are disappearing, only to be filled by new players with different methods.