The power of blue

Blueberries are one of my favorite fruiting plants. They grow great in containers, where they will produce hand fulls of fruit each day during the  summer. The shrub itself is a perennial, which means the same plant produces year after year. Plant them once, and your done!

The secret to growing great blueberries is creating just the right soil, then growing them in the sunshine. During the spring we feed them with cottonseed meal in April, and again in May. This keeps them healthy, and producing loads of plump, juicy berries.

We have the plants for sale in small containers, which can then be transplanted into larger size pot's before spring. Blueberry plants could make the perfect Christmas gift as the recipient will get to harvest the plump little gems their very first summer.

Here is a link to creating the perfect soil for blueberries. The picture above shows Misty, one of four different varieties we carry. One plant will produce berries on it's own. For the most fun plant a couple of  different varieties  near each other, or even in the same container. That way the can pollenize each other, and produce even more berries. Imagine the possibilities.