Do you guys have an association?

I wrote a post about what to do with the empty nursery pots here. I just got a comment from faboomama. She asks “It would be nice if there was a comprehensive statewide effort to reduce the waste of these pots, but barring that, I’m looking for anyone who can take my pots and recycle them. I’m actually really surprised that there is no concerted effort among nursery owners (do you guys have an association?) where you can direct gardeners to dump them.

Well faboomama, we do have a California Association of Nurseries and Garden Centers (CANGC). This was at one time a powerful and influential organization. What has happened to them? I joined when we started our business here four years ago. I soon dropped out because I sensed it was an organization that seemed to have lost it's way. I tried to e-mail them a couple of times concerning a number of issues and never heard back.

I have come to the conclusion that it's up to each independent to do what needs to be done. Counting on associations to help, at least here in California is a uphill climb. Am I missing something, or can someone tell me what the C.A.N.G.C.'s position is on recycling plant containers?