Puppies, party, new home, decorate, wellness, organic, fresh, first holiday at home?

Here is an interesting piece on how to attract Generation X and Y to the garden center. It is written by Ian Baldwin, a well known nursery consultant. The piece I have linked to is written by a Generation X worker in the horticultural industry. Be sure to follow the links to read the original article by Ian.

One thing that stood out was Ian's recommendation to, "write an active blog with your name all over it. You want their 24hour blog scan to pick up on key phrases like 'party', 'puppies', 'new home', 'decorate', 'wellness', 'organic', 'fresh', 'first holiday at home', and so on." I don't know about trying to fill the blog with key phrases to attract search engines. It's easier to just write what's on you mind, and let the story speak for it self. Never the less its good to see the value of blogs being recognized by the industry.