Far Out!

Check out this cool blog from San Francisco, titled "Far Out Flora". Megan And Matti write the blog from their home near Ocean Beach. The blog is a visual delight, filled with photographs of plants that grow in the frost free climate.  Megan tells me that investing a few years ago in a decent SLR camera made a big difference in the quality of the photography. The colors really do jump out. It makes me want to use more photographs in my own blog. What's  cool is the two work for different garden shops. Matti works for Flora Grubb Gardens while Megan works for Annie's Annuals. Both garden centers know about, and encourage their blogging. Flora Grubb recently posted about Matti's mounted staghorn ferns  that are for sale at the shop. It's a win-win for everyone involved.

It's been cold and rainy here in Norcal the last few days. I think I'll head over to their latest post titled, "Driftwood Insanity in the Sunset".  You'll feel like you're walking down  The Great Highway on a sunny day, enjoying the show.