The Lorax and IHOP want you to plant trees

Have you heard about the IHOP and The Lorax Sweepstakes? If you haven't you can, "visit any participating IHOP (resturant) starting February 20. Kids 3-12 get a free Lorax bookmark (while supplies last).  Plant the tree seed paper on the bookmark and help IHOP plant 3 million trees. Seed paper contains an evergreen mix of Blue Spruce and Canadian White Pine which may grow 20-40 feet wide. May be planted in a container to minimize size."

The Lorax is the children's book written by Dr. Seuss that, "chronicles the plight of the environment and the Lorax, who speaks for the trees against the greedy Once-ler." The Lorax Movie is being put out by Universal pictures who has partnered with IHOP to make as much out of it has they can. There is a sweepstakes and a couple of links to help you either,  "be more friendly to the environment" or "hug a tree, and have it hug you back."

Is this a worthwhile project? Some of my colleagues feel that it's a positive. Anything we can do to get people interested in trees and the outside world is good.  Hopefully they might come into the nursery asking for advice. Others feel giving away seed of trees that don't grow well in our climate (California) only sets people up for disappointment.  The idea that these trees can really be kept in a container to "minimize size" is not practical, either.  Is this the  classic question of the ends justifying the means? Perhaps  a child inspired by the movie and the potential trees that come from such tiny seeds is worth it? Or is this just a case of a couple of huge companies trying to capitalize on the Eco-movement, and nothing more? A little of both?