Is this nursery catalogue insensitive?

It appears that Plant Delights Nursery (PDN) as sparked a bit of controversy over their new catalog cover. So much so that Tony Avent who owns PDN, has had to remove comments from PDN's Facebook page. It appears it's upset some Penn State fans and others.  So many comments that Tony started a new Facebook page just for people to say (vent) what's on their minds. PDN and Tony Avent have created covers that have always been satirical, and controversial.

I post the cover here for you to see, and comment on. I have been at the center of controversy before, and it's not easy thing  listening to people say and do the darnedest things.  I guess it's the price we pay for allowing comments, and encouraging people to participate. It's OK to disagree and say what's on your mind, but before you do take a deep breath. Now, do you still want to say what you we're going to say? If so, OK. I think some people have let their emotions influence their better judgement.

So what do you think?