No Cats Allowed at The Earl May Nurseries

It seems the Earl May Nursery and Garden Center recently banned cats from it's stores. According to The WCF Courier "Steve and Ginny, it's fair to say, love their jobs. Each day they (the cats) greet customers out in the parking lot, escort them inside and are available to anyone. Each night, they rid the store of furry burglars --- mostly mice and chipmunks --- who try to steal the bird seed and corn. Both have been at their jobs longer than most of the other employees at Earl May Nursery and Garden Center in Cedar Falls --- especially Steve, who has been at the store for eight years."

Now it seems the employee who complained about the cats being fired has himself been fired! Again, according to The WCF Courier, "In speaking up for the two feline employees he worked with at Earl May Nursery and Garden Center, Rich Congdon hoped to keep them both on the job. Instead, his job might now be severed, too. The latter came after the Courier, and later several regional and national newspapers, ran his story last week after a corporate memo forbidding cats on store premises all but assured that cats Steve, 8, and Ginny, 4, would no longer be allowed to live and 'work' at the Cedar Falls store they've lived at for years." In addition according to the Courier, "Employees, not the company, pay for the cats' upkeep, and both regularly greet customers and rid the garden center of pests, Congdon told the Courier."

The story has now made it to The Chicago Tribune.  What do you think of this move by Earl May Nurseries?