Need a garden speaker, who you going to call?

Angela had asked how the talk at The Sacramento Organic Club went. When I left I had told Monica that if just two people came to the nursery from the talk it would be a success. Yesterday the second person showed up at the nursery. It takes about 35 minutes to make the drive to the store from Sacramento so I consider it a GREAT success. The fact that they also bought some of the things that we had talked about was a bonus. The main thing is connections have been made and now the word will continue to spread. The club also mentioned that the talk was one of the best they had in recent memory, which was also very cool.

I think the one thing I always take away from these talks is how beneficial they are for getting the word out. If you can get over the fear of public speaking the opportunities for the business and yourself are endless.

So there you go, need a speaker for your next event? You know who to call.