The health benefits of antique apples

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away". Some apples may outperform others when it comes to the healthy benefits. According to research from The Royal Pharmaceutical Society, modern day apples strip away many of the health benefits of eating apples. Through years of hybridizing we have created more adaptable and sweeter fruit, but fruit that is not as healthy.

One of the benefits of heirloom apples is they help control blood sugar levels, which some have found contribute to obesity. Can it be that the so called "healthy" modern day apple, bred for ever increasing sweetness, is spiking blood sugar levels and contributing to obesity?

Are people ready to embrace growing heirloom apples like they have heirloom vegetables? There are many hybrids that are excellent fruit, and have increased adaptability to differing climatic and soil conditions. However, it's fun to think that these old apple varieties have something going for them that has kept them on the radar all these years.

Do we need to have progressively sweeter and sweeter food to just get people to eat fruit and vegetables? Through breeding  have we sweetened the taste, but lost many of the health benefits of the  fruit our grandparents ate?

Some food for thought.