Just Guarantee It!

1×4.jpgJust after writing my post on "One Conditional Guarantee" I read this. Bailey Nurseries, grower of "Easy Elegance Roses" has found out that roses "can be a tough sell to the younger crowd who considers gardening to be too much work and too time-consuming." Whats their solution? Offer a "two-year guarantee", above and beyond whatever guarantee the local retailer puts on an Easy Elegance rose. So the thinking is young people who find gardening a lot of work will jump on the new "Easy Elegance Roses" because they are guaranteed. Guaranteed against what? What does it mean that the guarantee is above and beyond the local retailer's guarantee. You get two roses after killing one?

Maybe I am missing the boat here? Guarantees are the way to young peoples hearts? How do I redeem the guarantee? Through the retailer or through the wholesaler? What are they guaranteeing? That you will love the rose? start loving roses? not kill it? change your life? love gardening?

If I follow their example I should see a huge influx of new younger customers as long as I guarantee my plants. You see, young people don't try anything new unless they receive a guarantee of results. Never mind that the roses are more disease free and lower maintenance than other roses, or that they are attractive plants. You just got to offer a growers warranty to get their attention.

Why should we stop there. Since young people think gardening is "too much work and too time-consuming" why not offer a gardening warranty? Try gardening for a year, if you find it too much work and too time-consuming just go back to the garden center you bought the supplies from and get your money back. Then you can try cooking. I am sure Emeril will refund your money if his cook wear doesn't help you make the best omelet ever.