Garden Elements and True Value Hardware

At my post titled, "The Finest Independent Garden Centers"? I indicated that Master Nursery Association entered into an agreement with The True Value Company to sell Master Nursery brand "Garden Elements" through True Values Home and Garden Showplaces. I received a letter from Bill Jameson, who is the President and CEO of The Master Nursery Garden Centers, Inc. Bill say's, "...the Garden Elements plant brand will not be sold at True Value Hardware Stores." He continues, "Only the Home & Garden Showplace Members (approximately 200 across the United States)will be afforded the opportunity to purchase and promote the Garden Elements plant brand in their Independent Garden Centers ("IGC'S') This brand will not be available in hardware stores!"

My confusion arose from this quote in Greenhouse Grower, "True Value’s Home & Garden Showplace is working closely with their membership to provide more products and information on how to run a profitable garden center. True Value also recently announced a licensing deal with the Master Nursery group to help their members with more efficient buying and give them access to the Garden Elements plant brand. Look for these hardware companies to open hundreds of new garden centers over the next several years."

Just because it's a hardware company that owns the Home and Garden Showcase brand does not mean a Home and Garden Showcase Garden Center is also a hardware store. My mistake and I am glad Bill took the time to set it straight.