Nurseryman's holiday

loon-lake-trip-015.JPGI take Monday's off every week so having Labor Day off is routine. One thing these Monday holidays remind me off is how much I dislike having the same day off as everyone else. When I have taken weekdays off for most of my career you get use to having places you visit to your self. Fortunately everyone was heading home as we headed up the hill to Loon Lake. We have been having a mini-heatwave of late so heading up to 7000' elevation sounded nice.loon-lake-trip-029.JPG To get there from the nursery you drive through our neighboring town, Georgetown. This community has the interesting habit of allowing parking in the middle of the street. After the town burned down for the third time in the 1800's the community made the main street extra wide to prevent the spread of fires. You drive right through town on main street and head "up the hill" into the mountains. It takes about 40 minutes if you don't stop to admire the view.

Monica and I set up our Kelty sun shade, which is now over 20 years old and flake out. We did enjoy this loon-lake-trip-035.JPGbottle of pinot noir rose from Francis Coppola. I normally don't drink Rose, but the bottle was just so cool and it is the afternoon. The wine is great for picnics and the bottle will look great as a retro candle holder.loon-lake-trip-037.JPG

Loon Lake is at the edge of The Desolation Wilderness and is a classic Sierra Granite Alpine lake. It is one of the sources of of water for the garden center and is so clear underwater you can see quite a distance when swimming. The water was cool but not cold. It had the feel of late summer and was truly relaxing.