The economy again.

081.JPGNo sooner than I write the last post on having fun I read this from Open Register. According to the post "The Deloitte Research Leading Index fell to 2.67% this month, prompting a forecast of weak spending in the coming weeks." It continues, "More of consumers’ money is going toward mortgage payments" and less to "discretionary spending." There is one more thing to worry about if you want. Many of our customers use the equity in there homes to buy gardening and landscape supplies. This downturn in the housing market comes during one of our mildest summers. No heat waves. So once again weather good, economy bad. Oh, well. I am not too worried. We manage to make it through other downturns. Maybe people will start to think of their homes as "home", and not just an investment. People will also want to do things closer to home and of course gardening and landscaping fits that bill.

I think this downturn in the housing market will affect business. The best way to work around this is to keep having fun and offer the consumer an escape from their day to day worries.