We have strayed too far from the garden.

This from Fred Hoffman in Sacramento. He has a listener who writes,


Thought I would let you know the Home Depot at Folsom Blvd. & Power Inn Road just got in a shipment of one quart, Bonnie brand, Early Girl and Cherokee Purple tomato plants at $5.98/ea.  Great looking plants, no tomatoes on any of them but a sign on the front that said 50 days to harvest.  I asked the nursery clerk why they had tomatoes now (when they haven't had any for at least six weeks) and she said the vendor assured her this was the time to plant them.  Do you think Bonnie knows something about 'climate change' they aren't telling anyone else?"

50 day harvest means will start picking fresh tomatoes around the end of October.  In places like Texas they plant tomatoes in the late summer, but here in northern California they die when the frost comes, in October. So was the Home Depot in Folsom, CA sent tomatoes meant for Texas? No. According to the "nursery person" at The Depot the vendor  say's it's time.  Well that settles it!

What more disturbing? That Bonnie Plants insists it's time to plant tomatoes here, or a "nursery person" working at The Depot goes along with it? We have strayed too far from the garden. Something that our grandparents would have known, the first frost date has been forgotten by the later generations. They don't even know that in a month tomatoes will be done. What most disturbing is perhaps these nursery people questioned tomatoes arriving now, but because the vendor say's it's time, it's time. No one willing to stand up to the boss as ask, "why are we doing this?". Keep quiet, keep you head down, and be thankful you have a job. Now sell those tomatoes!