The Golden Gecko carries the most healthy, divers…

The Golden Gecko carries the most healthy, diverse selection of annuals and perennials around. One reason is 'Blooms' wholesale nursery in Glen Ellen. We have been doing business with the Bloom brothers for the past ten years. This is one of the smallest wholesale nurseries you can imagine. Operating on just a few acres, they produce the healthiest and most diverse plants in the business. They also grow the bedding plants outside, not in greenhouses. This means their plants are hardier, and won’t go through the shock that greenhouse grown plants do.

Sha is our delivery person from Blooms. She makes the once a week trip up the hill to see us. Sha is artist, and has quite a flair when it comes to her style.

After us it’s back to Glen Ellen. She will be taking some time off, since she will be having a baby in a couple of months. We wish her well, and hope to see her when she returns to work.