Update on whats up here.

I seem to be figuring out this new Wordpress system, yet I still have lots of questions. If you have used Wordpress.com it is an amazingly simple system to use. What we did was take Wordpress.org and download it onto our web page thegoldengecko.com. I felt it was time for us to take our work and put it under the home address. Thank goodness my webmaster Denise was able to get it set up. I think it might have drove her to madness. We had been using Blogger, which has served me well for the last few years. I thought it time to switch to Wordpress after hearing from various bloggers how much they liked it. My webmaster was helped greatly by a well known garden blogger. I don't want to mention her name as she will be inundated with "help questions". She was on the phone and e-mail with Denise helping work through the problems which arose. For no other reason than just to help this lady made this move possible. She is an amazing person! One of the things I really like about this system is on the sidebar is a "recent comments" section. I wondered how to respond to comments from posts I made in the past. The post on Hines Nurseries being de-listed is a good example. It was written back on August 10th yet I have received comments up to yesterday. While I would know the comment had been made since I receive a e-mail, no one else would know the comments had been made. Now the most recent comments show up in the sidebar, which is a huge plus.

This is not the design I want for the blog. This is the Wordpress classic which was quickly available. Rather than wait around for everything to be perfect we wanted to get rolling on the new blog, so here it is. Sometimes in business we think things through to the point of never doing anything because its not perfect. Rather its better to get it out there and work on it as it develops. I get to look through a whole bunch of templets, and pick out a great one.

One of the most important things we did was re-direct the old blog address to this new address. That way no one has to change their blogroll as our old address will send you here at the new address. Basically we moved the whole blog over to Wordpress, post for post.

Just wanted to let you know whats up. Please be patient with me as I navigate through this new system.