Dreaming up the future of garden retail

Our Facebook Group, Independent Garden Centers and Nurseries grew a little bigger. Today Dan Mulhall of Mulhalls Nursery in Omaha got on the bus and became our 300th member. Our group has now become the leading forum for independent garden center owners, and employees. One reason the group continues to grow is the amazing cost to benefit ratio. For the price of membership (free) the benefits are huge. Where else could you ask what fellow garden centers think about QR codes, or whether they have started to use the codes? Wondering “How can a wholesale nursery survive selling so cheap to Home Depot?” They can’t, and we discuss why. One member asked “Have any of you had HD (Home Depot) post a sign in their nursery area with your name and plant prices with no size so they look cheaper.” One of our members has, and tells what he thinks of that, and what they plan to do about it.

We hear a lot of talk about how the Independent garden center businesses need to band together. We have! It’s happening right now, and we want your input. Do you want to change the trade for the better? Do you just want to survive to do it again next year? Either way our group is the place to be. To request membership head here, and read our document listing the criteria for joining.  The future of garden retail is being dreamed up, and implemented by our 300 plus members.