What are they thinking?

File this under why people new to gardening give up so soon. A new gardener might have heard that mixing perlite with their soil improves drainage. Perlite is commonly used in organic potting soils, and is the little spongy white rocks you see. Better look twice at that label.

Miracle-Gro perlite is not organic, or natural. For some reason beyond my imagination they have added Miracle-Gro fertilizer to the perlite! I have never heard of perlite with fertilizer added, and I sell pallets of perlite. That’s the last thing you want with a product designed to increase drainage. Fertilizers may be added to the potting soil, but never to the perlite itself.

The folks at Scotts Miracle-Gro have really outdone themselves this time. I would love to hear from someone at Scott’s on why they are doing this. If you wanted to grow organically and bought this perlite to mix with your soil, you’re screwed. Add this product to your mix and then fertilizer as you normally would, your screwed again. Check out the reviews at Amazon.com.

Why are you mixing fertilizer with a product designed for drainage? In my mind this borders on insanity. Can anyone in horticulture tell me why this might be a good idea? Could these kinds of things be one reason people fail at their gardening efforts, and blame themselves for their failure? Could it be that the decline in people gardening is a result of these companies who manufacture products and plants that are doomed from the start? Could it be the biggest enemies to attracting new gardeners, may very well be the biggest horticultural companies around? Perhaps.