Why I don’t carry the brand heavyweights

I have received a few e-mails and comments from fellow nurserypeople about how hard it is to give advice to the customer, only to see them walk out the door to the local Home Depot to buy their recommendation. This is a common theme in our business. I know of one nursery that said that was the final straw in their decision to shut down.

Just for the record this irritates me too. That’s why I don’t carry or recommend what the box store has! I don’t have to worry about them walking out to get it there! It also fun showing people an alternative to the mass produced and hyped products. Now I know many, if not most nurseries and experts disagree. Yes, the national brands have a huge leverage on the buying public. I see the pallets of Scott’s Fertilizers going out the box store doors and realize my way is like fighting a tidal wave. Why don’t I just give in and carry these national brands?

I don’t know. There is a real argument for having the big names and your own smaller labels side by side. Maybe I can convince them to try ours, and if I don’t at least they bought the Miracle-gro and kept the cash flow going. It’s just that I like being different! That doesn’t make it good business sense. That just makes it me.