Two unique companies

I wanted to point you to a couple of interesting web sites that I have come across through my blogging. The first is a new forum from Daleys Fruit Trees in Geneva, NSW, Australia. Here you can “Ask questions, share your knowledge and upload pictures about your fruit trees.”

We tried a forum a few years ago before I started this blog. I never got the response that Daleys seems to be getting. One big improvement they seem to have going for them is the ability for people to upload pictures, which was way too complicated when we did it. The ability of people to post pictures with the questions is a huge plus. Daleys also puts together a great blog which is how I originally found out about the company. The energy and enthusiasm the company shows is inspiring.

The other site is “Terra Nova Ecological Landscaping”. I found out about them from “The Garden Wise Guy” . They are a landscaping company in Santa Cruz, California that uses bicycles to travel from job to job. They advertise that the company is “Fossil Free”. “We often choose electric tools or hand tools that run on orange juice and toast,” they say. They do have a couple of trucks that run on bio-diesel. This is Santa Cruz where “anything goes”, including my 18 year old daughter for college if she can pull it off. This is a company that is unique and therefore worthy of notice.