Monrovia not selling to Lowe's

Received a call from Bob Smiland of Monrovia Nursery. He tell's me Monrovia does sell to Home Depot, a little to Costco, but does not sell to Lowe's.  He did mention a couple of other chains, but I can not remember which ones.  I am awaiting an e-mail, and then might be able to clarify who they are.  What got his attention was my post concerning Jamie Durie, "Jamie Say's..." In that post we talked about how Jamie works for Monrovia, while at the same time working for Lowe's, where I said he would have access to Monrovia's plants. Well if Monrovia doesn't sell to Lowe's then he won't be able to get his plants there! My mistake, hence this post. I appreciate Bob taking the time to clear this up.