Back from the coast.

We’re back from Mendocino but not quite done with vacation. It's always amazing to see the wealth of flowers and plants that grow in the benign climate of the coast. A native, Garrya elliptica is in full bloom.

Driving down Hwy. 1 near Point Arena we spotted these Monterey cypresses that have been pruned for many years. While I don't usually like formally pruned plants these are eye catching and whimsical enough to get me to pull over and take a photo.

Down the road further in Gualala was a nursery that uses giant dinosaurs to attract attention. I think this is what happens to nursery people who decide to live full time on the coast. This area is so beautiful, but so isolated that it takes a certain outlook to live there.

This little building is in Sea Ranch. It is a chapel and a good representative of the carefree buildings and people who inhabit this place.

I am gathering up some plants to take to my talk in Sacramento at the California Home and Flower show tomorrow. After the talk Monica and I will wonder around and see what's new or exciting for 2007.