The Snowdrops are blooming!

We're at the nursery today feeding the cats and checking on things. We have been off for one week now and have until next Tuesday off. We came by to stand up the plants that have blown over and check on watering.

Just out front the first flowers of the year have started blooming. The Snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis) are poking up out of the ground. In most climates they wait to bloom until the end of winter. Here things are a bit different and it is not unusual to see these bulbs as well as narcissus blooming now. It's about 65 degrees Fahrenheit today so it’s no wonder these plants think its spring.

We're going to head out to Mendocino on the coast. Stay at a bed and breakfast for a couple of days. We’ll come back Saturday and give a talk at The California Home and Garden Show in Sacramento. Then it's back to work on Tuesday the 9th. Bare root fruit trees will arrive that week!

This last year of blogging has been wonderful! Garden bloggers are unique people and I enjoy the company of people who have interesting things to say. We'll talk again when we get back from the coast.

Happy New Year!